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3M is winning with branded content

FHR created a content marketing platform with 3M around educational how-to and home-focused content that drove conversion.

‍Great stories have the power to inspire action. Content with magnetic appeal succeeds in making consumers think, feel or laugh. That’s the type of content that 3M needed to help connect consumers to its products.

3M makes products that make people’s lives easier. That’s a great story, but the brand was challenged about how to communicate that value to consumers. We believe that the right content delivered to the right audience at the right time can successfully drive both customer and business value. Our experience shows customers look for content in the moment – when they are looking for a solution, or when they need a source of inspiration. Brands able to capitalize on these moments have an opportunity to build affinity and increase conversions.

Driven by the insight that “it feels good to finish the job,” no matter what that job might be – cleaning the kitchen, decorating a child’s room. At the core, the insight was made up of two component parts – the project or idea and the feeling of pride you experience when the project is finished. 3M’s customers needed inspiration in both areas.

We saw this as an opportunity to create a content marketing platform around educational how-to and home-focused content that would drive conversion for Scotch-Brite, ScotchBlue, Filtrete and Command products. We created a brand for the online content hub that struck the right tone with consumers – Home Made Proud (and Fierté Faite Maison).

Designed to feature content relevant to multiple 3M brands, the site featured compelling content, creative and great ideas for consumers. All content pieces were designed to be syndicated to each brand’s established social and digital channels, and amplified via smart paid activations. Our content strategy targeted consumers during that ‘in the moment’ opportunity, helping nurture them along the path to purchase. Through multiple calls-to-action in content developed by our user experience and creative teams, readers were directed to for purchase at the right moment in their journey.

With the rollout of Home Made Proud, 3M saw a 40 per cent boost in average monthly traffic to the four 3M brand sites. It also boasts a 0.4 per cent click-through-rate on the “Buy Now” button, linking directly to a relevant 3M product on a partner ecommerce site.

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