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Influencers Enjoy a Girls Night In with Palm Bay

FHR and Palm Bay Redefine Girls Night In with a campaign designed to help influencers connect with the brand

Once the go-to beverage for young,  university-aged women across the country, Palm Bay looked to FHR to help them  retain their customers as they moved on to new life stages.

After five consecutive years of double-digit growth, Palm Bay, the #1 RTD (ready-to-drink) alcohol brand in Canada, reached an inflection point.  Sales data and consumer research revealed that the young, female target demographic was outgrowing the brand once they finished school and started their careers.

Palm Bay needed an efficient way to convince its aging consumers that it is still the right beverage for them to  enjoy when amongst friends  and that it continued to fit their more mature lifestyles.

In an effort to create a more mature, sophisticated portrayal and discussion around the brand, Palm Bay leveraged research findings around current brand positioning and occasion for consumption to land on the campaign insight: women feel most ‘themselves’ when they are with other women.

Palm Bay would stand as an advocate for getting women together to spend quality time with their girlfriends – and what better way to inspire these moments and celebrate “girl time” than by putting the product directly in the hands of the brand’s target market?

Drawing on research findings and the core insight, we devised an influencer marketing strategy to reach and influence the target audience. The #GirlsNightIn influencer-driven campaign, would empower female social media influencers to celebrate “girl time” and inspire them to create and share authentic moments with their large, built-in audience of followers.

Using a multi-channel approach, Palm Bay partnered with 19 hand-picked influencers across Canada. The brand worked with them and five of their closest friends to create an evening of fun, developing impactful content that would resonate with the brand’s target audience of women.

By providing incredible experiences, great products and high-quality, engaging visual content, Palm Bay quickly turned female influencers into unabashed fans of the brand who were more than willing to share the #GirlsNightIn message. When the influencer program was complete, Palm Bay had made a true emotional connection with its target audience, helping refresh the brand and reinvigorate sales, surpassing its 5% growth target, and increasing brand awareness to its highest levels in the brand’s history.

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