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The Health Gap Breaks New Ground for Women’s College Hospital

When Women’s College Hospital needed a new awareness campaign to help them stand out, FHR was ready to deliver as their one-stop, full service shop.

While FHR works collaboratively with other agencies as part of an integrated marketing team, sometimes we’re called upon to do it all. From strategy to creative to execution. From traditional advertising to online to PR. So when Women’s College Hospital needed a new awareness campaign to help them stand out from the bigger hospitals, FHR was ready to deliver as their full-service  shop.


WCH asked us to create a public awareness campaign to bring to life (in the most compelling and memorable way possible) how WCH is revolutionizing healthcare for women. Our exploratory research uncovered an interesting insight: that women are largely overlooked and underserved by the system because the impact of sex and gender differences were traditionally not taking into consideration. In fact, until the 1990s, medical research was largely conducted by men, for men.


Leveraging the broad understanding and acceptance of the wage gap fueled by celebrities and media, we created a new concept called the Health Gap. Similar to the discrepancy between men and women’s wages, the Heath Gap illustrated the potential impact not considering sex and gender differences in healthcare can create for women.

What we did

FHR developed a fully integrated activation plan that included print and outdoor advertising, media relations, organic and paid social media, as well as digital programmatic advertising. Online influencers with an interest women’s health were engaged and shared content with their audiences. Further, the hospital itself was dressed with Health Gap messaging so that staff and patients alike would come to know and understand this new concept.


The Health Gap campaign represented a bold departure for WCH and the hospital category, and the numbers back up the strength of our approach.  

We generated over 65 million impressions across channels and sparked an online conversation about gaps in the healthcare system with the public, media and influencers. With over 40,000 visitors to the campaign microsite, WCH saw donations and requests to volunteer multiply exponentially.

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