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In today’s complicated world, moving the dial on public policy issues requires great instincts and fresh ideas, all grounded in a deep understanding of how government functions.

FHR Public Affairs includes professionals who have worked in government in various departments and sectors. We bring a deep understanding of how to navigate the political, legislative and regulatory environments in all levels of government – federal, provincial and local.

Representing key markets across Canada and providing services in both English and French, we offer a highly effective campaign-style approach that incorporates high-level strategic planning, research, and message development, through to audience targeting and tactical implementations. Combined with our digital, social, creative, and media relations services, as well as the broader FH global network, FHR Public Affairs leads the way in connecting governments, ideas, people and actions.

Our public affairs services include:

  • Intelligence gathering and risk assessment
  • Government relations
  • Meetings and consultations
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • Coalition building and management
  • Grassroots mobilization
  • Policy development
  • Drafting of briefing materials and other policy documents
  • B2G and procurement support
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John Capobianco

Senior Vice President and Senior Partner

As Chair of FHR’s National Public Affairs Practice, John provides government relations and strategic communications counsel to clients across an array of sectors. With over 25 years of experience, John has built an extensive political network which, along with his experience in government, he leverages for clients looking to build strong relationships with senior government officials. John is recognized as a leader in the public affairs sector and is a regular political commentator in Canada’s national media and invited to participated in industry panels.

Cheryl Stewart-Walsh

Senior Vice President, Public Affairs

Cheryl offers over 20 years of experience building strategic partnerships and advising executives across diverse sectors. Her expertise includes stakeholder engagement and capacity building in areas such as economic development, health, life sciences and global pharmaceuticals, education and renewable energy. Cheryl has also held senior political roles in Atlantic Canada’s largest municipality as well as in Ottawa in the portfolios of Public Health, Immigration and in the Office of the Prime Minister in Cabinet and Legislative Affairs.