Corporate Reputation

We foster and protect reputations by engaging in meaningful exchanges with the stakeholders who matter most.

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At FHR, we believe that reputation is a fundamental quality of every organization – but it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Reputation isn’t only what an organization believes about itself, but also what others believe, expect and say about it.

Reputation isn’t decided in a boardroom, but on the streets, online and in the news. Any disconnect between brand and reputation impedes success and growth and can, in some cases, become a destructive force.

Organizations can’t afford to have brand and reputation function like separate entities. That’s why our approach to Reputation Management is more collaborative, working not just with organizational leaders, but with stakeholders from all levels. By creating an environment where meaningful, productive, progressive exchanges can happen, we play in the space between brand and reputation – an area of shared experience we call authentic engagement.

Jennifer Atkinson

Partner and Senior Vice President

Jennifer leads the reputation practice at FHR. With extensive experience in strategic communications, executive visibility and media relations, Jennifer works with some of the country’s most high-profile brands, building authentic and engaging communication platforms that are smart, bold, thoughtful and insight-fueled.