We are in the midst of the DE&I Dilemma: professionals all across the country are feeling intensely passionate about being part of the revolution, while simultaneously feeling completely overwhelmed by the weight of making it happen. The good group exists to help our clients get unstuck, so they can identify the challenges stopping them from progressing, and knowledge-share on how we can move forward together.

The good group

A group of human beings who:

  • seek good outcomes

    We exist because we expect real change to happen.

  • have good conversations

    We share our truths, and respect the truths of others.

  • make good progress

    We work through our challenges today, but stay focused on the impact we can make tomorrow.

  • find good friendships

    Our relationships with one another are real, and rooted in radical professional connection.

The good group is an intimate peer-to-peer support community for professionals working in DE&I. We offer clients this safe space to find connection in the industry with people who they share a lived experience with, and to help them discover ways forward in a time that can be difficult to navigate. As DE&I experts, our role is to facilitate the discussion, and be a resource for clients who need our perspective. But we’re also active participants, there to listen and learn from our peers, in an environment built to enable sharing, community-building, and empathy.

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