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Leaders in communications support before, during and after a cyber security incident.

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Cyber security is everyone’s problem. Cyber attacks are one of the biggest reputational risks facing Canadian organizations today. Therefore, a strong communications response requires not just a legal lens, but a reputational one as well.

FHR is one of the only global communications agencies to have a dedicated cyber security practice. We are also the global crisis communications partner for some of the world’s largest insurers and claims management specialists. Working alongside forensic IT and legal counsel, our dedicated team has helped a broad range of organizations across dozens of sectors prepare for and handle data breaches of all shapes and sizes.

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Cyber Offerings

We have many ways to support your company during a breach. Below are some ways we can help you navigate a cyber incident.

Planning and Preparedness: We’ll help you develop and pressure test a cross-functional cyber communications playbook for when – not if – your organization experiences a breach. 

Incident Response: When a cyber incident strikes, we’ll work with your legal, IT and communications teams to craft a response strategy and notification approach for all your key audiences. 

Reputation Recovery: We’ll help you turn the page on the incident and develop a proactive recovery plan that acknowledges milestones while rebuilding and securing your organization’s reputation. 

Angela Carmichael


With over 20 years of communications experience, Angela leads our talented FleishmanHillard HighRoad team and plays an integral role helping our clients through issues, crisis management and corporate reputation initiatives. She’s led communications responses for countless cyber breaches, and has coached executives, boards and incident response teams to ensure reputation is considered at every phase of the breach.