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Being good isn’t only about doing the right thing when it matters but doing the right thing all the time.

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion should be at the centre of an organization’s identity and reputation. FleishmanHillard HighRoad helps put them there. In partnership with FleishmanHillard’s global True MOSAIC practice, we help organizations understand the importance of communicating with diverse audiences, develop strategic communications plans that authentically engage on DE&I issues, and ultimately build a better, more inclusive Canada.

Whether it’s internal comms, reputation, social strategy, branding or creative services, our counsellors understand that DE&I is neither a spectator sport nor a side hustle. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and help you pursue an authentic path forward, making all your colleagues and customers feel welcome, heard, and respected.

The good group

To help our clients reach their DE&I goals, our team has created the good group – a peer-to-peer network to provide progress-minded DE&I communications professionals and DE&I leaders with a safe, intimate space to discuss challenges, exchange ideas and share resources. The network of professionals are coming together to exchange ideas and share best practices for moving DE&I forward. Membership is complementary for FHR clients and brings together professionals who are responsible for implementing DE&I strategies in a confidential community setting that fosters a trusting, intimate dynamic between members, and provides them with an opportunity to learn from each other.

The good group

Helpful Tools for DE&I

Our team has many ways to help your organization ultimately become more diverse, equitable and inclusive. Here are some of the tools we use to do this:

Beyond Bias Workshop: This planning tool helps practitioners from various professional and personal diverse experiences arrive at a universal human truth, or insight, together, to help kick off the creative process with a strategic point that is as inclusive as possible.

DE&IQ: In collaboration with the firm’s TRUE Global Intelligence practice, this proprietary diagnostic tool helps organizations assess public perception of their DE&I actions to better strengthen their positions and map meaningful plans of action.

TRUE Self X True MOSAIC: A simple five-step guide that combines FleishmanHillard’s best-in-class corporate positioning methodology with the expert counsel of its dedicated DE&I strategic counselors. The collaboration is designed to help clients bring their most important stakeholders and decision-makers together in order to align how they want to engage on DE&I – where they’ve been, how committed they are to their values and what they do next.

Decision Tree: Responding to racial and social unrest requires a delicate balance that is nuanced and individual to each organization. When reputation is on the line, this process helps organizations know when and how to engage on an issue and arrive at a place of action and communication.

Inclusive Language Workshop and Guide: Language matters. It describes and also shapes our thinking and how we interact with the world. The Inclusive Language Workshop gets to the root of how we communicate and provides helpful advice for sharing ideas effectively, with a supporting Guide to keep the learning close at hand.

Race and Culture Team: Comprised of specialists who focus on multicultural communications and programming for external audiences, this team integrates earned media, influencer marketing, editorial, social strategy and digital capabilities into multicultural communications strategies, advising clients on how to better engage with diverse-owned and diverse-focused media.

Jen Anthony (she/her)

Senior Vice President, True MOSAIC Canadian Lead

Jen leads FHR’s True MOSAIC practice. With extensive experience in diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, issues management, internal and external communications, and community organizing, Jen works with clients to build authentic and engaging strategies that help organizations communicate effectively with broad audiences and achieve their diversity, equity and inclusion commitments.