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Nous travaillons dans un environnement en constante évolution. Soyez au courant des points de vue de notre équipe, des faits saillants de notre travail et des aperçus de la culture qui fait briller FHR.


Building trust is key for leaders to weather the storm of COVID-19

Our global study, COVID-19 Mindset: The Collision of Issues, reveals high levels of skepticism towards community leadership around COVID-19, which can be an opportunity for companies to act now and build trust.

Angela Carmichael

Networking in the ‘new normal’: How recent grads can uncover new opportunities

Navigating the job market has never been more challenging for those just setting out in their careers. Read how recent grads can uncover new opportunities in the 'new normal.'

Jorielle Nunag

In this time of crisis, Canadians expect companies to act now and lead with purpose

A new study, COVID-19 Mindset: The Collision of Issues, reveals Canadians ahead of other companies in holding companies and CEOs to a higher standard, expecting them to act on important social and political issues such as racism, the environment and wage gaps.

Angela Carmichael

The WFH expert: 5 tips from a seasoned remote employee

One of FHR's longstanding remote employees offers her top five tips to get the most out of your desk in the den and produce quality work.

Brooklyn Lutz

Reactive marketing: 5 questions brands need to ask before taking a stand

The pressure for brands to respond and take a stand on social issues is at an all-time high. To understand how to respond to these expectations and navigate the realm of reactive marketing, Wendy Meyer explores the questions brands should be asking themselves before taking definitive stances.

Wendy Meyer

What we learned from our employees and where we’re going now

With COVID-19 changing the way work, FHR President Angela Carmichael discusses what our operations across the country will look like moving forward.

Angela Carmichael

L'art de travailler de la maison avec des enfants pendant une pandémie

Vous vous trouvez à travailler de la maison pendant la pandémie de la COVID-19 pour respecter les recommandations de #distanciationsociale des autorités de la santé publique? FHR vous partage des astuces pour garder les enfants de tous âges occupés et stimulés pendant que vous vous mettez au travail.

March 19, 2020