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We operate in an ever-changing environment. Keep up with insights from our team, highlights from our work, and glimpses of the culture that makes FHR shine.

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Nous travaillons dans un environnement en constante évolution. Soyez au courant des points de vue de notre équipe, des faits saillants de notre travail et des aperçus de la culture qui fait briller FHR.


Adapting to the changing state of media relations during the pandemic

There’s no denying that today’s media landscape is in a rapid state of change. FHR's Jorielle Nunag discusses how PR practitioners need to adapt their media relations approaches during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jorielle Nunag

Speaking on Cyber: Leading through a cyber breach

FHR President and experienced crisis communicator, Angela Carmichael examines the important steps leaders must take to better communicate with stakeholders when a cyber crisis hits.

Angela Carmichael

Speaking on Cyber: Communicating during a cyber breach  

Charles Muggeridge, Senior Vice President, Partner at FHR, a seasoned communicator with decades of experience helping guide organizations through crisis explains how to communicate during a cyber breach effectively.

Charles Muggeridge

Speaking on Cyber: Communications planning before a cyber breach

In part one of our Speaking on Cyber series for Cyber Security Awareness Month this October, we sit down with Anne Marie Quinn, Senior Vice President and Partner at FHR, to learn why all businesses should have a cyber communications plan ready in advance of a data breach.

Anne Marie Quinn

“Techlash” is over-indexing in Canada: 3 takeaways from our new global report

FHR Senior Vice President Natalie Sauve discusses the findings of our new global research report, Techlash 2020: Why the technology sector needs to lean in now on consumer expectations.

Natalie Sauvé

The frugal economy: How brands can connect with Canada’s cautious consumers

Wondering if your business can recover lost customers and lost revenue as a result of COVID-19? Canadian consumers may be cutting back on their spending but many also anticipate they’ll be back in stores over the next 6 months. And they’re coming back with higher expectations of brands than ever. Know what it takes to fine-tune your brand marketing communications now so you can win back their business.

Adrienne Connell

L'art de travailler de la maison avec des enfants pendant une pandémie

Vous vous trouvez à travailler de la maison pendant la pandémie de la COVID-19 pour respecter les recommandations de #distanciationsociale des autorités de la santé publique? FHR vous partage des astuces pour garder les enfants de tous âges occupés et stimulés pendant que vous vous mettez au travail.

March 19, 2020