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2021 so far: Digital trends

We’ve summed up the biggest digital and social trends in the first quarter of 2021


The frugal economy: How brands can connect with Canada’s cautious consumers

Wondering if your business can recover lost customers and lost revenue as a result of COVID-19? Canadian consumers may be cutting back on their spending but many also anticipate they’ll be back in stores over the next 6 months. And they’re coming back with higher expectations of brands than ever. Know what it takes to fine-tune your brand marketing communications now so you can win back their business.

Adrienne Connell

Brands can help Canadians feel more optimistic about life after COVID-19

Our global study, COVID-19 Mindset: The Collision of Issues, reveals Canadians are feeling less optimistic about the future, which means brands need to be patient and empathetic with consumers on the road to recovery.

Angela Carmichael

Reactive marketing: 5 questions brands need to ask before taking a stand

The pressure for brands to respond and take a stand on social issues is at an all-time high. To understand how to respond to these expectations and navigate the realm of reactive marketing, Wendy Meyer explores the questions brands should be asking themselves before taking definitive stances.

Wendy Meyer

Actions, not words: How brands can act with purpose and stand for change

At a time of social change and civil unrest, how can brands turn pretty words into concrete actions that make a real impact? Here’s how you can go beyond the surface level in your thinking and actions and drive meaningful change.

Lindsey Gillard

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