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Connecting over the good things happening at home

The pandemic has us working remotely, away from our colleagues. Through sharing the good things happening at home and collaborating on creative projects it can help us stay connected.


Cyber attacks and the C-suite: Tips for senior executives to stay safe at home

Cyber attacks that target C-suite executives are becoming all too real. Beyond posing a significant risk to executives themselves, these attacks are a significant threat to an organization’s reputation given the sensitive corporate information senior executives have access to. Here are some tips senior leaders can use to protect themselves and their organizations from these attacks while working from home.

Anne Marie Quinn

Where do we go from here? Business recovery requires consistency

The business leaders who manage through the COVID-19 pandemic with consistency, empathy and a willingness to do the right thing will see their businesses bounce back quickly, according to FHR President Angela Carmichael.

Angela Carmichael

Shift your brand communications for the next phase of the pandemic

Is your brand ready to communicate through recovery? Just when brands figured out how to manage communications during the COVID-19 pandemic, we moved into the next phase with businesses across Canada slowly re-opening. Adaptability, listening and authenticity will be 3 key skills necessary to apply in all your brand marketing communications as you emerge from this crisis and rebuild.

Adrienne Connell

Creative confinement: How to stay inspired while working from home

In-person interactions have always been central to the creative process. So, where does one stay inspired and energized while confined at home? FHR’s creative director Tony Ponzo shares wisdom on how to remain connected to your team and to winning ideas.

Tony Ponzo

Businesses will have a big role to play in helping government shape the future

Miss our webinar on Government Relations in the COVID-19 era? John Capobianco provides a recap of the discussion, with a breakdown of the latest Canadian polling data surrounding the pandemic.

John Capobianco